PICC 'n' Mix (PG)

Well. It has been an eventful 24 hours. The doc saw me yesterday
afternoon and said I should get a hickman line in tomorrow ( I.e
today 29th ) but just in case they would fit a PICC line to avoid
delaying chemo.

Different doc this time who tried and failed on the right side where
the last line went but appeared to succeed on the left side. However
when the xray came back the line had taken a wrong turn and was headin
back the way it came in another vein. They were going to adjust it but
it wouldn't flush so they took it out after confirming the hickman
line would be done today.

Later that evening another doc came to fit a canula so I could have
sedation when they fit the hickman line. It took him four different
tries at different sites before the canula was in. Don't know what is
up with my veins they never used to be this bad.

Anyway after a restful night by 09:00 this morning I was in the xray
theatre being prepared for the hickman line. Unfortunately the canula
did not work so they could not put sedation on there. The surgeon
decided he could give me some once the first part of the line was in
the vein in my neck. Seems a little late you might thinlk but at least
it was before the worst bit of pushing pulling and poking.

They did that and the sedative did the same as last time keep me awake
and with it but not really caring. Then there was a delay as they
didn't have the right sort of attachment for it with two lumens so I
can have two drugs at same time.

Still alls well that ends well and after 4 hours enforced bed rest I
am up and about with my hickman line fitted. My neck is a bit sore and
movement restricted by the dressing but it's not too bad.

I'm now about to start my first chemo drug of this session my
Rituximab mono-clonal antibody.




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