Watching me, watching you.........

Anyone remember Game for a Laugh

I went to the day unit for bloods as usual this morning then logged on to work in the afternoon.

Whilst at the day unit I bumped into my fellow inmate from my last sojourn who was moved into isolation when he got bug. He's been out since Monday and was looking well. It was nice to catch up with him and doubtless our paths will cross over the coming months.

So the Game for a Laugh reference, well since the end of April I have been using the Google Analytics service to provide stats for this blog and see how people are logging on etc.

It shows that I have had 219 hits from 75 unique visitors. I'm not sure how the 75 unique visitors translates to actual humans as it is possible that if you disconnect and reconnect to your Internet Service Provider you get a different IP address and could appear as a different visitor. ( Though if google use http cookies they might be able to spot this).

In comparison my other technical blog gets about 300 visits a week ( though currently over 750 a week as I have some info on there about a new Linux distro that people are interested in).

However for this blog it's the quality of the visitor I get not the quantity and I love you all :o)

I can also see that 74% of people are running Windows, 18% Mac and 7% Linux

More interesting is that the type of web browser being used is 45% Internet Explorer and 47% Firefox. If you haven't tried firefox , please do consider trying it. It's a much slicker and flexible alternative to IE and it is "open source".


Lynette said…
You are confusing me with techno babble. I switch it on, I connect, what do I know?
matt said…
Always thought you worked for the government, what else do you know about us????
Gareth Hardy said…
I've used Safari on atleast 3 different IP's... the government will never track me down!

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