T + 41 And Another Thing.........

I went to the day unit today to have my blood tests done as usual then had lunch at Mom and Dad's whilst trying to fix his wireless router that is apparently no longer wireless. (Amazon are shipping a replacement out now. )

I've been thinking a bit more about this blog and the sort of stuff I put in it, particularly as at the moment things are ticking along very well and there is not too much to report on the medical front.

Therefore now and again I thought I might crave your indulgence and use this space to mention a few other things that I'd like to share with you that are not directly related to the lymphoma.

I'll try not to make this too much of a soap box or a "you know what really winds me up" sort of a grumpy old man page. ( Though I'm sure I'll feel the need to have the odd moan that I just can't keep to myself. As Stephen Fry recently said in one of his podgrams this is akin to Midas' Barber [ scroll right down to the last story on that link about Midas and Apollo] )

I'll always cover the medical stuff first and then have a separate sub-heading for the "op ed" piece so you know when to stop reading if you only want to know the lymphoma stuff.

And so......

Nuclear Insurance

I've had my Smart Car, Arthur ( for he is only 'alf a car ), for just under three years now and the extended warranty I took out at the time will expire in November. Therefore I contacted Mercedes Benz to see about extending the warranty. It took a couple of reminders but they eventually sent out the details for renewing the warranty for one year.

The cost for one year is £369 which to my mind is far from cheap. Reading through the list of exclusions I decided it didn't represent value for money and I am not going to extend the warranty. I will instead put my £369 into a fund for repairs should they arise.

One of the exclusions however did give me pause for thought:-

Loss or damage caused by the following:
  • Ionising radiation or radio active (sic) contamination from any nucelar fuel or the nuclear waste arising from burning nuclear fuel.
  • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of any explosive nuclear equipment or nuclear part of the equipment.
You just have to wonder what set of circumstances led the Mercedes Benz legal team to feel it necessary state this exclusion.

If Arthur were to be damaged by a nuclear explosion I doubt getting him repaired would be that high on my list of priorities. I suspect my own health might come first ( Hmm I wonder if BUPA cover me for nuclear damage? I bet not ).

Mind you maybe I should look at lining the garage with lead to be on the safe side.


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