T + 28 Shake, Rattle and Roll

Well the blood certainly seems to have helped out my energy levels. I managed to iron all the shirts last night finished off the other stuff this morning. I've also been for a walk up the hill to the post box by the post office without feeling too tired at all, whereas before the transfusion just getting upstairs into the flat was enough to tire me out.

I thought I'd say a little something about the medication I'm taking at the moment. Here's a pic ( click to embiggen if you really want to look at the pills in depth).

From top to bottom they are:-

  • Magnesium Oxide x 2 , three times a day to counteract magnesium loss caused by ciclosporin
  • Penicillin x 1 , twice a day to protect against bacterial infection
  • Co-trimoxazole ( aka Septrin) x 1 twice a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, another prophylactic antibiotic
  • Acciclovir x 1 four times a day to prevent viral infections, especially the cold sore virus
  • Ciclosporin 150mg Morning, 175mg Evening the anti-rejection drug to prevent Graft Versus Host Disease
Most of these I'll only be on for three to six months or so but the penicillin is something I will be on for life. A small price to pay really.

On top of this I use my celluvisc eye drops three or four times a day to help my dry eye syndrome and of course have to drink three litres of fluids a day to protect my kidneys from the ciclosporin.

I have a very handy multi-slot pill box labelled with the days of the week and the four times slots of morning, lunch, evening and night. I only fill this up one or two days in advance though so as to keep the tablets fresh.

It's transplant clinic tomorrow.


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