T + 121 The Thursday Call

The phone rang at 16:45 and I knew it would be the hospital. It was the doctor from the Bone Marrow Transplant unit. My ciclosporin levels were about twice what they want them to be which is caused by the itraconazole anti-fungal medicine I'm taking. 

My kidneys have coped well with this extra level and I put that down to the fact I've stuck rigidly to the three litres of water a day edict I was given when I came out of hospital. That and the fact I've not drunk alcohol for eight years. Well I think I average about four units per year.

So now I have to halve my dose of ciclosporin down to 75mg morning and evening.

Things are going to be up in the air for a while with reducing steroids, fluctuating ciclosporin levels, gvhd and blood counts all interacting. Hence going to the clinic every week again after previously dropping to every two weeks.


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