T + 35 On My Soap Box

As things are ticking along ok so far on the whole lymphoma front perhaps you will indulge me a little whilst I get on my soap box a moment.

My friend Andy sent me a link about the Atheist Bus Campaign which, as explained here, aims to raise money to advertise an atheist/humanist slogan on some London buses to counter the religious advertising from things like the Alpha Course.

The slogan they are going with is “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Now to my taste that is a little weak and I would prefer "There is almost definitely no God" even so I think this is a worthwhile cause.

You can help support the campaign by donating at JustGiving and read more about the campaign on the BBC News site, here

Two more quick plugs, check out this excellent book by Richard Dawkins, "The God Delusion" and check out RichardDawkins.net as a whole for thought provoking articles and videos.

Thank you for your time. ;o)


Jon said…
Good post and an excellent campaign - it's not so much the atheism I support as the intention to challenge religious hectoring and interminable, smug, cultish evangelism.

Btw I wouldn't bother apologising for getting on a soapbox: if I had to do that every time I got on my soapbox, I would be doing more apologising than thinking ;-)

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