T + 23 Steady as She Goes

I've had a quiet day at home today. I tried to do a bit of ironing but after one and half shirts I was defeated so I settled back on the sofa to read some more of the rather fun Oscar Wilde and The Candlelight Murders, which is a victorian murder mystery with Oscar Wilde as the detective.

I did manage a walk to the post box at the end of the road, a round trip of a hundred yards I would think, to post a couple of letters and it was nice to get a bit of fresh air in the Autumn sunshine.

I had a little nap in the afternoon for half an hour or so before Dad came to pick me up to go to Mom and Dad's for tea as Gareth was going to his Mom's tonight and won't be back until 22:00. I could have driven myself to Mom and Dad's but they have both said that for the first week or two they would rather Dad did the chauffeuring.

I'm at the day unit tomorrow for regular blood tests plus a cross match for my probable transfusion on Monday.


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