T + 15 Just One More Thing (PG)

Having my line out sorted my temperature problems as expected. Yesterday I was mostly just really really tired but today my energy levels are up a bit hence being able to do this blog entry.

The only issue now is that I have started to get diarrhoea again , it came on yesterday afternoon and got worse during early hours of this morning. It's settled down now so far today.

A sample has been sent off and it all depends on what the results of that show. It could show a bug in which case I need an appropriate antibiotic and I've been started on Metronidazole already as a precaution. If the sample is clear and I don't have any more bad episodes I should be able to go home tomorrow.

The pharmacist has been to see me to talk through all the different drugs I'll be taking for the next couple of months. I'll go through all that another time.

Finally thanks to Andy for updating the blog for me yesterday.


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