Twinges and Twiddling Thumbs

Well about 22:00 last night I felt the first twinge of some GCSF style bone pain in the hips and I had some paracetamol to see me through the night. That lasted until 03:00 when I had a couple more but sleep was a bit fitful from 03:00 to 05:30 by which time I was pretty much fully awake so decided to get up anyway.

I took some codeine based cocodamol at 07:30 and though I've had twinges and some rough bouts with bone pain throughout the day it hasn't been as bad as it was last time so maybe the slow release injection and better pain killers are doing the trick.

Most of the day was spent twiddling my thumbs at the hospital waiting for another hour to pass so I could have th next blood test but I had Gareth to keep me company and at one point we went for wander over to Birmingham University to look at a building he had worked on.

The docs said my counts had started to level out so hopefully with the GCSF working as well they will be climbing back to normal over the weekend.


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