Quick bit of Chemo

Today I went to the day unit for a dose of vincristine which is given through my line over about 10 or 20 minutes. I left the house with Dad at 13:00 and got back at 18:00. Now part of that was the traffic on the way home because of travelling in rush hour, but I did have over a two hour wait at the day unit as they were a bit short staffed. Still these things happen and at least I had a comfy chair.

I've been feeling better today though I did have a bit of a tired patch whilst at the day unit that lasted about 40 minutes or so. I'll take it easy tomorrow and after bloods on Wednesday I'll look at logging back on to work.

This morning I also started on the second four day block of dexamethasone steroid tablets, so from now until Thursday I'll be counting out the twenty little white pills each morning.


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