Optional Extras (12A)

12A for references to blood and furry tongues.

Well my haemoglobin was still low so they decided to give me another
blood transfusion of three units this time. They fitted two in over
the evening and I'm having the last one as I type this. The blood has
gone in much easier and quicker this time with no temperature spikes
like the first time a couple of weeks ago.

When I had my morning exam from the doc yesterday she picked up a new
feature. Thrush on my tongue and throat. This is just a general name
for a one of a number of yeast/fungal infections you can get as a
result the chemo. I didn't have any symptoms from it the doc could the
green fur forming and it has now spread down my tongue.

I'm already on anti-fungal tablets, fluconazole, but in addition to
this I now have to put some Nystan mouth drops on my tongue 4 times a
day and hold it there for a couple of mins before swallowing. It has a
cherry taste but the look and feel of runny custard.

My hopes that this round of chemo with it being a repeat of the first
going just as smoothly hasn't quite come to fruition but it's all run
of the mill stuff really.




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