Life begins as 40, chemo begins on Monday

Yes today I am 40. My goodness that feels a very grown up age to be.

I've had some great presents including the ideal thing for a gadget loving coffee drinker, a Tassimo machine from Gareth and a DAB Radio alarm from Andy and Paul. From work I had a card signed by everyone and £50 Waterstone's token, can't wait to spend that. Loads of other nice things as well as £90 in cash. I feel a gadget purchase coming on.

Meanwhile back at the lymphoma.....I went for bloods today, my haemoglobin was still low but stable. About 13:00 I had a 'phone call and it was one of the doctors at the hospital. My first thought was "no not a blood transfusion today" however it was actually a call to say I should ring the ward on Monday to see if they have a bed for me for my last round of chemo.

Whilst I'm not looking forward to this round as it is the nastier drugs and 6 litres of sodium bicarb fluids a day it should be my last round before the stem cell transplant so that is one milestone to look forward to.

Just hope I get in fairly early on in the week. I'll be able to watch the second week of Wimbledon on the big telly in the day room.


Andy H said…
Greetings have already been passed on, but congratulations on your 40th.

I'll let you know how I feel on my 40th in two and a bit years time.

Of course you'll be able to listen to the digital radio at night after you've overdosed on the coffee during the day.

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