I've been vegetarian for about six years now but when I knew I was going to have some intensive chemotherapy I did think about whether I was going to come out of it all still a vegetarian.

Recently I've been finding I've been thinking more about eating meat and reacting more to the smells of meat cooking around me. I've always liked the taste of meat I've just been a vegetarian on a sort of "moral" ground on the basis that it's possible to reduce your impact on the number of animals we need to kill to survive.

There's really no reason why my condition and treatment should mean I can't stay vegetarian but sometimes you have to listen to your body.

On Friday while I was slumped outside the day unit waiting my turn, for some reason, I began to fantasize or day dream about a cooked breakfast. It was potato waffles with a runny fried egg cut open and oozing over them at first but then it was the succulent lightly browned bacon and plump juicy sausages and it really did feel like my body was crying out for the sausage and bacon. (Shame I can't have the runny egg but that's off limits.)

So this morning I became an omnivore again when I had, of course, a bacon sandwich. ( Vegetarian Kryptonite as a colleague at work calls it.) It was delicious.

I'm not planning on now being completely carnivore and will keep it to a healthy amount of a couple of times a week, plus some fish. I think veggie options will still feature large. ( Hmm I wonder if all lapsed vegetarians start out thinking like that before ending up ripping legs of lamb of the carcass and eating them raw).

One of the other driving factors has been the rather poor bland choice of veggie options at the hospital.They are ok for a week but when I am having them for a month at a time when my appetite might not be at its best I think I need to take any opportunity to increase my chances of eating well.


Steve said…
Dude, I know what you mean about the veggie thing. I went veggie for a couple of years until my wife got pregnant. She has been a veggie for 18 years at the time, but right near the start of the pregnancy she started fantasising about hot dogs, and so we both decided to give up the veggie food. Sometimes you've just got to listen to what your body is telling you. Personally, I think "bacon sarnie" every time I drive my gas guzzling sports car speeding past a field of piggies. :-P and I can't understand why my wife gets upset when I make baaaa noises as sunday roast lamb is cooking.... but perhaps that's just me. (should be taken with a large pinch of salt)

matt said…
Think in future you should specific that the blood they give you comes from Veggies, maybe you've been "tainted".

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