Business as usual

Things have pretty much dropped in to the usual routine. Sleep is a
bit disturbed by bag changes in the early hours and I'm carrying a bit
of fluid so have had some fruzamide prescribed to help shift it.

The fruzamide was in tablet form so is not as drastic as the IV
injection but I didn't get the tablet until the 21:00 drug round so
that kept got me up a bit more in the night.

I'm not too tired now but doubtless naps will be the order of the day.
Mom and Dad coming tonight so have whole of afternoon to sleep if I

Nurse did say my haemoglobin level was a bit low yesterday so
depending on today's results I might need another blood transfusion. I
haven't felt like I did when I was anaemic before but then I haven't
been as active and I've put tiredness down to sleep disturbance. We
shall have to see what docs say today.



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