Fickle Fatigue

I managed to make it in to the day unit on my own to have my bloods taken. I was still feeling pretty tired but managed the walk along the flat from the car park to the unit, something I couldn't have done yesterday.

I had a word with a doc and the nurses about the fatigue. They said some people can spot a pattern and will know when they are headed for a bad spell others find it less predictable. The doc said with the HyperCVAD chemo I'm having it is generally less predictable and the cumulative effects over four cycles make this more of a problem.

When I came home this afternoon I completely crashed and burned. I lay on the bed about 14:00 and next thing I knew I woke briefly at 16:00 before dropping off until nearly 17:00. To be honest I could have lain there longer and probably still be there but I managed to get up and cook some tea and spend the evening on the sofa.

There's really not much I can do about this at the moment. It's frustrating given how last Thursday I was able to do a full day's work without feeling it.

I'll see how I am tomorrow, maybe I'll be ok or can manage a half-day of work or maybe it will be another wipe out.

When I get a bit of energy I'll look over the treatment journal I've been keeping along with this blog and see if I can spot any pattern to the fatigue.


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