Wired for sound

I went to the hospital today to have my echo-cardiogram ultrasound of the heart and my 24 hour monitor fitted.

The ultrasound was done first and took about 15 minutes. The probe ( with that cold jelly they use ) was run over different parts of my chest whilst my heart was also monitored electronically via three leads. At one point to get a different angle the probe was placed at the top of my belly. Despite my outward appearance being to the contrary I am not pregnant.

Then I went to have my 24 hour monitor fitted. They had to shave a small patch of my chest for one of the three electrodes they attach. The recording unit is a small box about the size of my mobile 'phone ( which I'll be keeping in a different pocket to avoid any odd readings being recorded: "Mr Stanford your heart seems to be playing the Nokia ring tone....").

I have to make a note of the time of any symptoms i.e. palpitations and what activity I was doing at the time. I have three occurrences so far. I think. Thing is the palpitations have subsided quite a lot so I'm not always sure if I have felt one or not now. Still that's what the monitor is for.

I take it back tomorrow and once the recording has been analysed the results of this and my ultrasound will be passed on to my consultant.

At the risk of frightening the horses here is a picture of me and my monitor.


Jon said…
You might be a gadget fiend, but getting wired to one is definitely the next level. It'll be a RAM upgrade in the head before you know it... personally I think I'll stick to more mundane widgets ;)

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