So far so good

I was at the hospital for 08:50 today and went up to the haematology ward. They had a little trouble sorting out what I needed but I was down in the diary and within a few minutes I had had my blood samples taken.

Whilst I was waiting in the side ward I had chance to look at the "infamous" PatientLine terminal by the bed. This provides Radio, TV , Phone and Internet access. They have come under criticism for their charges ( particularly for people 'phone in to speak to patients ) so I was keen to see what it was like.

I only had a few moments to check but you get Radio free and as long as it has Radio 4 then I'll be sorted. The Internet Access is 60p for 20 minutes but with a maximum charge of £3.60 for 24 hours so hopefully I'll be able to use that to update this blog and generally communicate with the outside world. Other details of charges can be seen here The big "gotcha" is 39p a minute off peak to ring in to a patient.

It might seem odd that I went to the ward where I'll be having my treatment and all I was concerned was the Internet access, but then again those of you who know me probably don't think it is odd at all, well not for me anyway.

I tried to pop in to the Planned Investigation Unit where I am having my CVC Line fitted tomorrow but they don't work on Bank Holidays apparently, so I'll just take my chances when I turn up at 08:00 tomorrow.

I've not had any information sent about having breakfast etc. and as I'm not having a general anaesthetic ( just sedation ) I'm probably ok, but I don't want to risk any delays so I'll skip breakfast and take a flapjack or something in with me so I can eat it when I am there if they say it is ok.

In a foolhardy display of the triumph of hope over experience , I'm hoping that because I am going to be in at 08:00 my procedure will be done fairly early. This is on the basis that for afternoon procedures they'd get you to come in at lunch time. Naive? We shall see.


Andy H said…
Fingers crossed for tomorrow. It's the vagueness of the details which is worrying, as you say hope you're a morning patient, but I would take some distractions just in case.
Oh, it looks on the Patientline site that the Internet is free when you pay for tv, which appears to work out cheaper!

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