Alphabet soup

The main drug regime I am on is called HyperCVAD ( pronounced hyper-see-vad). The hyper bit relates to the intensity and the fact multiple drugs are given ( hyperfractionated ) . The CVAD relates to the drugs themselves.

Upto today I'd had the C for cyclophosphamide and the D for dexamethasone.

This morning I was given the V for vincristine ( just 2mg in 100ml saline over 10 mins)

Now I am on 55mg of doxorubicin in a whole litre of saline over 24 hours. This is the A in CVAD. How so? Well the proprietary name for the drug when this regime was first trialled was Adriamycin but it is now known by the generic name of Doxorubicin

So really I am on HyperCVDD but how would you pronounce that?

The good news is that when I have finished 2 days of the doxorubicin I can go home so this should be Wednesday if everything goes to plan.

I had a nice nap yesterday afternoon and Mom and Dad came to see me in the evening. Last night was the usual really, about 4-5 hours solid sleep with some dozing there after.


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