What a difference a day makes.....

...........24 little hours.

I went to work as planned this morning and rang the ward at 11:30 not expecting anything and they did tease me by saying nothing at the moment but ring back about 15:00.

I wasn't taken in by their little game and sure enough when I rang later I was told no bed available.

Meanwhile I was able to get hold of my Key Worker and since then everything has changed. I won't go into all the reasons but the new plan is:-

  • Thursday 18th March have 24 hour heart monitor fitted as an in-patient
  • Monday 24th March go in to have central line fitted and echo cardiogram

Quite a change round but at least I don't have to keep ringing up to ask for a bed. Hopefully by Easter ( 24th March ) the bed situation will have eased. No one wants to be in hospital on a Bank Holiday but it will do for me.


Gordon said…
It's good to have a more positive time qouted I bet like us you relieved to better news. May be if you are a good??patient their Easter Bunny may give you an Easter Egg.

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