The postman always delivers twice

In the post today were two letters with the familiar "University Hospitals" postmark. I was expecting one, that being the out-patient appointment for my 24 hour heart monitor. Given all the various 'phone calls about being admitted etc. I was guessing the other letter would just be a duplicate.

The two letters were in fact both from the Cardiology department, one for my 24 hour monitor, 18th March at 12:30 and the other for my echocardiogram same day 40 minutes beforehand.

I wasn't expecting the echocardiogram as I thought that was going to be done when I go in to have the central line fitted.

I'm really pleased to be having both done before I go in. I'm keen to get the heart thing bottomed out as soon as possible so I know where I stand with my Chemo. Hopefully this will also mean a shorter stay in hospital as I'll only be having the one procedure done.


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