T + 194 Twelve Months Ago

Posted by raetsel at Saturday, March 28, 2009

As well as it being six months since my transplant it is almost exactly  a year since I started my first batch of chemo under the HyperCVAD protocol that marked the start of my treatment for Lymphoma.

That does seem a long time ago. ( Not that I want to harp on about it but it means that apart from two weeks last August, when I had a break before the transplant, I've been in hospital or at home and under an immuno-suppressed "regime" for twelve months).

I had a visit from my friend Andy yesterday and then he and Gareth went off to see Watchmen. Since it was such a long film and didn't finish until getting on for 23:30 Andy stopped the night and was the first guest to use the futon.

It was great to catch up with him in person last night and this morning over a breakfast of coffee and croissants.

Today Gareth has been baking again and at my request made some very nice biscotti. I helped in the final stages of baking, cutting, cooling and baking again. The outline of the recipe he followed is one I found here on the cooking for engineers site, though we had a couple of variations in the ingredients, lemon and oats not orange and almonds, and a variation in the sequence for the method due to a misunderstanding of the instructions. The results though are excellent.

For dinner this evening I am planning on cooking a vegetable biryani with all the lovely veg we have from our veg box. Then we will settle down to watch the Futurama Movie on DVD