T + 167 Peripatetic

I had a nice relaxing weekend and watched couple of interesting and very different films. "The Waiting Room" a sort of modern take on "Brief Encounter" and "Pan's Labyrinth" a fantasy "horror" film set against the background of the Spanish Civil War.

This morning the builders arrived to refit the bathroom so this week I will be working from Mom and Dad's and indeed for most of the week lodging here as well.

This morning I had an actual commute to work. Having let the builders in and shown them where the kettle was I had 10 minute drive over to Mom and Dad's.

I'm working in their spare room on the work laptop and I have to say I am missing being on my mac Mini. What's worse I can't even run my laptop with Linux as it has some issues with the connection to work so I'm forced to use Windows XP. Still I suppose it will just make me appreciate Mini all the more when I get back home.


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