T + 178 Thursday & Friday Off Instead

I started work yesterday as normal but felt worse and worse and the morning wore on. My sinusitis seemed to be spreading into a full cold and what was making it hard to work was that I started to feel really, really tired.

Therefore, somewhat reluctantly, I decided I would take Thursday and Friday off sick to be able to rest and hopefully recuperate. It's another two days without pay  ( apart from the £20 SSP ) but that can't be helped.

I had a lie down mid-morning but did not actually nap. I then moved all my stuff back to the flat as the bathroom was complete ( and looks good ) . In the afternoon I had a good two hour nap and didn't feel too bad in the evening. It was nice to be back in the flat with Gareth.

I had a reasonable night though was awake from 03:00 to 05:00 as has happened a few times recently and is possibly related to the steroids. I've managed some washing up and hanging some washing on the clothes' horse but I'm feeling very tired again and think an afternoon nap is again called for.


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