T + 188 Hackery, Bakery, Accident and Emergency

Quite an eventful weekend by my standards these days.

My energy levels have been improving over the days. On Saturday the creative muse struck me and I wrote the first draft of a 3600 word short story ( one sense of hackery ). It needs to be revised and edited but when I am happy with it I will prolly stick it up on a site like ABC Tales like my friend Andy has done. Then you can chose to read or ignore at your leisure.

Writing this was a good measure of my general energy as , with breaks, I worked on it for about six hours starting Saturday afternoon and didn't feel too bad.

Indeed I have logged on and done a full day's work today and been quite busy. Feeling a bit tired now but not too bad.

On Sunday Gareth did some bakery as is his wont these days and I did some hackery ( in the other sense ) trying to create a Mac OS X DVD so Gareth can install it on his EEE PC and make it a hackintosh. Sadly it wasn't successful :o(

The Accident and Emergency bit relates to my Mom who dropped the metal pipe of the vacuum cleaner on her foot and cut it quite badly. As she takes warfarin to thin her blood it wouldn't stop bleeding so Dad took her to A&E and got it stuck back together with steristrips. I would like to have gone with them for moral support but sitting in an A&E waiting room full of sick people is not the best place for me.

Thanks to all the readers on Facebook and Twitter who asked how she is doing today. Both Mom and vacuum cleaner are doing well.

A memorable Mothers' Day for my Mom and as the hospital receptionist said what was she doing vacuuming on Mothers' day?

Oh and finally back to my apostrophe obsession. Surely it is Mothers' Day as in the day of all Mothers and not Mother's Day a day of just one Mother which is what the cards seem to have on them?


Justin said…
When I wrote out the card for my mum's flowers, I was stuck on whether to write Mothers' Day (as it's the day for all Mothers) or Mother's Day (as I'm only celebrating the day for my Mother). I went with the consensus and plumped for the latter...
raetsel said…
Ah but the day was created to celebrate all Mothers so I think it should be Mothers' day.

Mind you it was really created to sell greetings cards so maybe it should be called Hallmark's Day :o)
Justin said…
I think my Mum was more pleased with the flowers than the location of the apostrophe!

I found this which says that in America it is officially "Mother's Day" - http://www.eng-lang.co.uk/apostrophes.htm

At least we don't have the US Grandparents' Day over here!
raetsel said…
and I thought I was obsessive about the possessive!

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