T + 164 A Year on the Blog

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. In the last twelve months I've made 251 posts or an average of one every 1.45 days.

I've enjoyed writing it and it has been a useful resource for me just in terms of being able to check up when things happened, never mind the other benefits that accrue from writing it.

I spent a while yesterday reading over some of the posts and it has been surprising some of the things that I hadn't exactly forgotten but that I hadn't thought about for a while. One of which is that for several months of last year I went around with a tube sticking out of my chest that led straight to a major blood vessel over my heart. It all seemed perfectly normal at the time but now seems slightly surreal again. 

On the whole the tone of the blog has been upbeat and positive if sometimes a little clinical ( in every sense of the word ). People have commented that there hasn't been that much emotion in the posts. The reason for this is that when I am having a bad moment ( and I do have them, oh yes ) I don't feel like writing about it and then when I start to feel better about things I think "well what was that all about?" and it doesn't seem worth mentioning.

Still let me state for the record that the last year has been bloody difficult to deal with at times and I'm grateful for the support of my family and friends who have helped me get through it. 

As for what the coming year will hold, well of course one can never say for certain, but if it goes well then by this time next year I'll be back leading a normal life, whatever that means.

I hope you have enjoyed the posts on this blog and found them by turns informative and entertaining. 

Thanks for reading.


Justin said…
I'm not sure I should be congratulating you on one year of this blog, as it seems a bit insensitive when you consider the reason for it.

However, I know it has been worthwhile, both for you, for us (even though I tend to leave it for weeks and then have a marathon catch up session!) and for anyone coping with MCL that comes across this blog.

Hopefully in the next year, there will be less need for you to focus on the medical aspects as your health improves and I expect we'll see more of your mental meanderings (so to speak).

Here's to a well future!

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