T + 154 All Topped Up

I had an understandably quiet weekend, the highlight of which was cooking Coq au Vin on Saturday complete with flaming brandy for the chicken before it went into the casserole. ( Only a few hairs on the back of the hand singed ). 

My GVHD rash has abated almost completely so the steroids are doing their trick and my cold has gradually got better. Energy levels have been a bit odd, affected in part by the steroids I think. On Sunday night I was awake until 01:30 but last night I went for a little lie down at 20:00 and only woke at 23:00 to take my tablets and then slept until 07:00 this morning.

Dad took me to the day unit for my blood transfusion, three more units of red cells bringing me up to a total of 21 units since May 2008. Nearly three and a half people's worth. Thanks again to all of you who donate. Keep up the good work.

It was fairly straight forward apart from needing three attempts to get cannula into what remains of my veins. The first unit started at 10:00 and I was all done by 15:00 

The doctor saw me and said I can reduce the steroids from 100mg to 75mg. My ciclosporin level is still pretty low at only 109 so I'm increasing that dose from 50mg/25mg to 50/50 and that may need to go up a bit more later.

Tomorrow I'm at the transplant clinic in the morning and in the afternoon I'm planning to log back on to start work again. I certainly feel a lot better than I did a week ago.


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