T + 141 Watchful Waiting

I didn't sleep too well and by 05:15 I was awake and not able to get off again though I was at least able to rest in bed until 06:45 when it was time to get up. My cold symptoms had worsened , definitely more snotty and felt a bit rough. Though no more than a normal cold and no temperature.

Dad took me to the clinic and we sat in the quiet room to keep out of the way of everyone and not to infect anyone. 

The doctor listened to my chest and said that was still clear. As expected some blood cultures and a snot sample, sorry Nasal Pharyngeal Aspirate, were taken. Though typically, my nose was dripping like a tap all morning but as soon as the little plastic pot was produced it got performance anxiety and dried up instantly. However with a bit of huffing and snorting we think we got enough without the need to squirt saline up my nose.

The results will be back in a couple of days. If they find the influenza virus then I can have some anti-viral treatment probably Tamiflu ( which always sounds like a cat medicine to me ). Another possibility is called RSV and that will require treatment as an in patient. If it's the common cold then I am on my own as far as treatment is concerned though they will keep an eye open for any secondary bacterial infections on the lungs etc.

I also checked that it is ok to take lemsip and it is so I will be able to get some relief from the symptoms.

In better news my GVHD has cleared up thanks to the prednisolone steroid tablets and betnovate steroid cream so we are going to stop the tablets now and stop the cream in a couple of days and see if anything comes back. 

Along with this I will also be stopping the itraconazole anti-fungal med so it will be interesting to see how my ciclosporin levels react, there's a chance I'll undershoot the theraputic level so I'm back at the clinic next week so that can be monitored, however after that the doc is planning to put me back to two weekly visits which will be good.

I had an overnight bag with me at the clinic today on the basis of my general "hope for best but plan for the worst| " approach. So it was nice to be able to come back home and log back on to work.


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