T + 156 I want to ride my Freecycle

I went to the transplant clinic yesterday for what was my fifth hospital visit in eight days. I haven't been this "medical" for a while. Hopefully things will settle down now.

The visit was fairly routine. The consultant reviewed my steroid regime and we are going to reduce by 25mg  every five days until we get down to about 50mg ( currently just started 75mg ) then go to 40mg, then halve that every 5 days until we get to 10mg. Then we will review how my GVHD is and work out a plan for coming off the related anti-fungal without dropping my ciclosporin level.

This all assumes of course that the GVHD will stay away as I reduce the dose like it did last time. It's a case of trial and error or clinical observation and management to give it a fancier name.

After clinic I logged on to work and picked up from where I was before without too much difficulty. The new blood is working well and my haemoglobin reading yesterday was back up to a reasonable 11.3 ( will it ever get back to the dizzy heights of 14 that it was before I started treatment I wonder? ).


Just a little plug for a great service available in Birmingham and indeed throughout the country. Freecycle is a network of groups that allow people to pass on any unwanted items to other people rather than taking them to the dump for landfill or recycling.

I recently bought a new TV and my old but perfectly functional TV has now been freecycled and was picked up by someone today who is going to take it to his Grandad's care home where there TV is in rather poor nick.

The system is run as a bulletin board using Yahoo Groups here and the rules are pretty simple. You can't charge anything for your item including any transport so most people arrange for items to be collected.

It's a great service and worth a look for anything you want to get rid of that still works or indeed want some new "stuff" for free.


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