T + 161 Two Awfully Big Adventures

I had a very nice weekend, the highlight of which was a rare evening out at my friend Andy's. His house is one the three places I've allowed myself to visit, the other two being Mom and Dad's and of course the hospital. Andy cooked some lovely food, his company was charming as ever and we had some fun on the Wii.

Nights like that mean such a lot to me at the moment as my general confinement seems to stretch out interminably into the future. ( A slight exaggeration perhaps but that is a bit how it feels currently. )

Yesterday I had some roofers start work on replacing the soffits and guttering on the flat and of course they needed to be supplied with the requisite number of cups of builders' tea. As neither I nor Gareth drink ordinary tea ( Earl Grey or Green Tea being our tipple ) I only keep a few tea bags in. 

So after lunch I decided I would venture up to the local shop to acquire provisions. It was about 13:30 so the shop wouldn't be that busy and I could always not go in if it looked like it was full of the cold and flu ridden unwashed masses. It may seem like a small thing but being able to do something like this for myself rather asking my Dad or Gareth to bring in some tea bags again meant a lot to me.

I won't be making a regular habit of these sorts of excursions, especially to the shops but every now and then I think it's a reasonable balance of risk versus reward.


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