T + 146 Aches and Pains

Well I had Thursday and Friday off from work and took things easy on Saturday. My cold has continued to improve each day though first thing in the morning my cough is very loose and phlegmy. Yesterday I was able to do the ironing though did need a little nap in the afternoon.

My energy levels are much better than they were on Thursday but not back to what passes for normal for me at the moment. I've been logged on to work since 08:00 this morning and coping ok so far.

Yesterday I had twinges in my mid back in the kidney area and my knee was aching as well. ( I've been getting little electrical shock type twinges in my right knee now and again for a while now - which I put down to "older" age.) Today those have both settled down but when I put some eye drops in earlier today I thought they had made my vision  blurred, as they occasionally do, but now I have a head/neck ache so maybe  the blurred vision was the warning of a mini-migraine that I get from time to time. Unfortunately it is two hours before I can have any paracetamol having had a lemsip at 10:00 this morning.

In short I'm a bit of wreck at the moment. :o)

At least I am completely steroid free at the moment, no tablets and no cream. I occasionally notice the odd itch round my neck but can't see any return of the GVHD so far, I think I am just a bit hypersensitive to these things at the moment.


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