T + 140 *Cough*, *Sniffle*, Buggrit!

Late yesterday afternoon I started to notice a little tickle at the back of the nose and the occasional dry cough. This morning it was obvious I was getting a cold. It's at the sniffle and dry cough stage at the moment (one sneeze) and my temperature is fine. My energy levels are a bit lower than they have been perhaps but not significantly so.

I rang the hospital this morning to explain my symptoms and hoping that it would be ok to leave things as they are and follow this up at my usual Wednesday Clinic appointment. I had a nice long chat with the nurse at the Bone Marrow Transplant ward and checked my latest blood results and current medications and we agreed that as long as my symptoms don't worsen then it is ok to wait until tomorrow.

I will probably have to have some blood cultures taken tomorrow and something referred to as an NPA which I believe stands for nasopharyngeal aspirate. They squirt some saline up your nose and the you snot in a pot, to be blunt. This is then sent away for viral analysis. I had one done when I was in hospital and whilst not the most pleasant thing it's not too bad.

What happens after that will depend on any results but just in case they decide to keep me in or send me to the day unit to have IV antibiotics I've asked my Dad to take me to the clinic tomorrow rather than driving myself and getting Arthur stranded in the car park.

At the moment it feels like a minor cold and under normal circumstances I would be on the lemsip and not worry too much. Of course these are not normal circumstances so I will have to see what happens. 

The chap I was talking to last week has been hospitalised twice in the last two months for brief spells to treat influenza and respiratory infections. My counts aren't too bad and I'm getting it looked at early so hopefully it won't come to that for me. 


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