T + 142 Under Orders

My nearest and dearest ganged up on me yesterday evening somewhat and I was under orders not to logon to work today or Friday. At the time, having done an afternoon's work I was a rather reluctant to take another two days off sick but in the interest of a quiet life I emailed work to say I would be off on Thursday and prolly Friday as well. 

I could see the logic of trying to rest and recuperate over these two days and the weekend particularly as my cold is worst in the mornings. As it turns out it was a good idea as this morning my cold had worsened and the cough become looser. Much more mucus and phlegm in general in fact plus I was really tired.

I have spent most of the morning napping and the afternoon just sitting quietly reading or listening to the radio before having another nap. I did feel better this afternoon but am hitting a little bit of a dip as evening draws on. This is the usual way with me when I have a cold, mornings and evenings are the worst.

I haven't had a call from the hospital today so that must mean my ciclosporin level is finally back in the right range so that is one good thing. I wonder if I will get a call tomorrow or over the weekend about the results of my samples from yesterday?


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