T + 132 Treats and Tweets

I had a pleasant weekend and even did some work. There was an important migration of users onto a new system planned for Saturday so I said I would make myself available if there were problems. As it happens I spent just over an hour working on issue on Saturday afternoon. I managed to resolve the issue just as my friend Andy popped round for a visit so the timing was excellent.

I am very cognisant of the effects of stress on immune system function and the risks of overdoing it, so at the moment I won't be making a habit of working out of hours,. However in this case I would probably have been stressing more about what was going on had I not made myself available so I think it was the best thing to do.

After bemoaning the fact I'm still on the clean diet the other day and take aways are therefore forbidden I took advantage of an offer on the Sainsbury's website and with this week's shop came a Chinese "banquet" for £5 . It consisted of spring rolls, peking duck with pancakes and chicken chow mein and it was surprisingly tasty, the duck in particular was good. I couldn't have the spring onions  that came with it and of course I didn't have the cucumber ( which as we all know is a foul and loathsome vegetable from Beelzebub's allotment ) but the pancakes and hoisin sauce gave it the authentic take away experience.

The other thing I have done today is start using my Twitter account again. "What is Twitter?" I hear you say? Well it is described as a micro-blogging site. You can post updates, or tweets, of 140 characters maximum about your current status, what you are doing, anything you like and people who are registered to follow your updates can read them via the web and various applications. (You used to be able to get text messages to your mobile phone as well but this was withdrawn for cost reasons in the UK but you can still update your twitter status from your mobile.  ) 

What is it good for? That's a very good question and not one I am entirely sure I can answer. I suppose one answer is that it is a handy way to update a bunch of your friends in one go about what you are doing. Gareth has used it to provide travel updates in the past when he used to get the train up from Portsmouth. Another novel use I saw was during the Olympic Flag protests in San Francisco when various people were updating with tweets about where the flag was being taken as it was diverted round the city so the protesters could re-organise and regroup.

So if you want to follow my tweets take a look at http://twitter.com/simonstanford 



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