T + 119 A Lunchtime Stroll

I've continued working from home this week and getting back into some detailed work configuring a new server.

At lunch I decided a breath of fresh air would be good and the weather didn't look too bad outside so I took a stroll along Moor Lane and then back through the cemetery. The route was pretty level with only slight upward slopes here and there and I was out for about thirty minutes. I felt fine doing this, no tiredness at all so I'd say that means my haemoglobin is holding up pretty well. It was a very pleasant little stroll.

Tomorrow is the transplant clinic and I hope to talk to the doc about working out a plan to start re-integrating myself fully into society. I was initially aiming for around March for this but this little GVHD episode may have set that back a bit. 

I'm not expecting a concrete timetable more a sequence of events and target like having counts at a certain level, down to a certain dose of ciclosporin etc.


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