T + 123 Hooray for Pay Day

I'd quite forgotten that the 15th of the month is pay day and so it was a very pleasant surprise to get my pay slip through the post on Friday and see it contained nearly a full month's money. It being a bit short due to my not starting back to work until the 5th of the month.

It's nice to be back earning again and I've started to look at things that need money spending on round the flat. The bathroom is in dire need of redecoration and a new ceiling so quotes are in hand for that. Also the soffits and guttering on one side of the house need attention.

In order to get the soffits done I needed to check the lease to see if there was anything special I needed to do and whether the landlord was in anyway responsible so I spent an at times baffling half hour looking through the lease and the convenants in it. This is slightly complicated by the original 1962 lease having been extended in 2006 so there are two sets of documents to look through.

My goodness the legalise is virtually impenetrable at times but the bottom line is that I am responsible for the upkeep of the exterior so it's down to me to  get the soffits fixed. Fair enough at least I know I can proceed to get quotes.

To give you a flavour of the lease, below is a sample paragraph. See if you can work out what it is trying to say....

This Lease is to be construed and take effect as if those terms, covenants, provisos and conditions were except as above repeated in this Lease in full with such modifications only as are necessary to make them applicable to this demise and the parties to this Lease except that the covenants given by the Landlord and the Tenant are to be construed as if they had been given at the actual date of this Lease (as opposed to the commencement date of the Term)

Bascially as the lease was extended in 2006 I think it's trying to say the terms from the original 1962 lease are included in this lease and the covenants etc. start from 1962 and not the end of that original lease in 2061. Though who can really say? Well an expensive solicitor could probably say.


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