T + 118 Haircut, Sir!

I had quite a busy and productive weekend in my terms. Spent a fair amount of time messing about with my Internet wireless router to try and remove the black spot that exists in the study and makes it difficult to get a good signal in there on some devices (still work to be done there) . Also did a few other geeky things with Gareth's eee PC laptot.

Sunday I went to Mom and Dad's for lunch and afterwards got Dad to give me a haircut as it needed a bit of a trim. This is the first normal haircut I have had for several months. The previous two haircuts in about June and September were just to shave off the last sorry remnants after most of my hair had already fallen out. I had my usual No. 2 grade all over. My hair is definitely different to how it was, apart from the bits of grey it's darker and much finer or softer than it used to be.

As well as the foregoing I also managed to fit in getting all the washing and ironing done.

I wonder why so many barbers used to have boards outside that said "Haircut, Sir!" like an order rather than a polite question? Some hark back to the days of national service perhaps or maybe some old advertising campaign.


Justin said…
I think it's the exclamation mark that makes it seem like an order rather than a question. "Haircut, Sir?" sounds much more polite than "Haircut, Sir!"

Oh, and from ages ago, your discussion of apostrophies made me think of 'bus instead of omnibus... But that's really odd!

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