T + 120 Weaning off the Steroids

I went to the transplant clinic this morning and saw my original consultant who has now returned from maternity leave. We had a little joke about the fact I didn't look any different from when she last saw me ( back in June ) and we discussed how the transplant has been going.

The aim now is to start reducing my steroid dose in more gradual steps, so from the current 50mg I'll do 5 days on 40mg, then 5 on 20mg, then 5 on 10mg. So in theory in a fortnight I could be off the steroids all together. However as the consultant explained this is not an exact science and it has to be done by clinical observation. I.e. if the GVHD starts to come back then the tapering of the steroids will need to stop and the dose may even need to go back up.

As this was the first catch up meeting back with my consultant I didn't go into the details about my re-introduction into society. ( Makes me think of Born Free and Elsa the lion now). I will mention it next week just to start getting an outline.

After clinic I came home and logged on to work but I also managed another little stroll this lunchtime. My haemoglobin was 11.7 this morning which is pretty good hence being able to go for walks without pain and breathlessness.


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