T + 109 New Year New Look

The Christmas decorations have come down, both at home and on this blog and I'm trying out a new template.  I think it looks very crisp and clean and hopefully makes the blog easier to read and print out.

I might fiddle with the fonts a bit and try one of serif fonts as they generally help guide the reader's eye along lines when there are large blocks of text.  

It also now has tabs along the top for pages you might want to refer to whilst reading.


Andy H said…
Yes, like the new layout, and looks better on an iPhone/iPod touch!
Gordon said…
Quite agree with Andy,about the new lay out,I think I'll start a new list for Next years Santa I'll leave you to guess what with.
Richard Clarke said…
The new layout looks very crisp I like it!, but I preferred the old page background as I found it easier to read the text. But that's probably just my eyes going.

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