T + 98 Christmas Top Up

Today I went to the day unit to have three units of red cells. These were my 16th through 18th units of blood since May, so once again thanks to all you people who do the relatively simple but life saving/changing thing of donating blood.

The transfusion was fairly routine and I was all finished by 14:30. The only real thing to note is that, as was expected at some point round about now, I have changed blood group to that of my donor. I am no longer O+ but A+. As it happens I was given red cells that were O- as that is a universal donor type that anyone can have and I guess they save the A+ for people whose circumstances really need an exact match. ( Though quite what they would be for red cells I don't know, that's why I'm not a haematologist I guess. )

It is quite amazing to think that I know have a different blood group to what I had before September of this year. I'm sure there must be some convoluted CSI style detective story that could be woven around this phenomena. I'll have to give it some thought.

So that is me all set up for Christmas hopefully, I certainly feel like I have more energy and have already tackled the ironing since returning from the day unit.


Andy H said…
There's a load of ironing here if you get bored tomorrow. I'm going to be having a wrinkled christmas, and not just my complexion!

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