T + 104 Merry Twixtmas

Here we are in that strange twilight time between and betwixt Christmas and New Year, otherwise known as Twixtmas, well it is by me at any rate.

I had a very nice Christmas, got some great presents and ate some delicious food. The turkey sandwiches ran out yesterday.

My condition only affected a couple of areas of the usual Christmas traditions. My Aunt couldn't come up to Mom and Dad's on Christmas day as she was getting over a dreadful case of the flu though in fact I think even if I wasn't there with my suppressed immune system getting in  the way she would have been too poorly to come up. For similar reasons I was not able to visit my brother and sister-in-Law and my niece and nephew as my brother and niece both had coughs. This was a bit of a disappointment as I couldn't get to see the kids faces when they opened their presents but mom and dad took the presents over in the afternoon.

Not going round to my brother's in the morning did mean, however, that I could interfere even more than usual in the cooking of the Christmas Dinner (Lunch) and with Dad's assistance it all turned out very nice, though I do say so myself. One side effect of that was because I was standing up in the kitchen most of the morning my feet had swelled quite a lot so I couldn't do the washing up after lunch and had to rest with my feet up. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Instead I spent the afternoon on the sofa reading the excellent The Elfish Gene by Mark Barrowcliffe an autobiographical account of, in his words "Dungeons and Dragons and growing up strange". This was a very funny account of his adolescence and his obsession with the role playing games of the seventies and eighties. I was alternately chuckling out loud and cringing with embarrassment  as it reminded me of my own childhood fascination with the games. Highly recommended.


Andy Green said…
You might be interested in checking out the official web site for 'Twixtmas' - www.twixtmas.com

Happy Twixtmas by the way

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