T + 86 Not Going Out

Well yesterday was the first Wednesday since leaving hospital on the 6th October that I haven't been to the transplant clinic. I have to say that in this weather I did not miss going out at all.

I did however have two lots of visitors. My Mom and Dad popped round after lunch for a cup of tea and to see our decorations in the flesh and late afternoon my friend Andy dropped in for a coffee on his way home from work. It was very nice to see them all.

I finished my flucloxacillin antibiotics yesterday which were to try and help with my folliculitis but I have to say that even this second week on the tablets hasn't made much improvement. The spots on top of my head have cleared quite a bit but I have new ones on the back of my head and down the side of my neck. It's not a major problem though they do itch like very devil at times. I'm trying to alleviate the effects by the use of a variety of ointments and unguents including sudocrem, savlon and a good moisturiser and it is having some impact I think.


Andy H said…
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Andy H said…
My mother swears by Savlon for everything short of amputation. I'm sure if she'd been alive at the time of the Crimea war Florence Nightingale would have been known as The Lady with the Big Blue Tube of Savlon.

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