T + 92 It's Offical, I'm a NERD

Our top story today: The result of my CT Scan from Monday was all clear.

That was what I found out today at the transplant clinic. The wording on the radiographer's report was No Evidence of Residual Disease. So I am a NERD.

This is really good news and shows that so far the treatment is working well and an excellent early Christmas present. It's too early in the day to start using the "C" word ( "C" for Cure, in case you were thinking of something else ) That is not something to start bandying about until two or three years down the line and one way to look at it is you can't say with total confidence that you are really cured until you die of something else. Or is that just my perverse way of looking at things?

In other news, my haemoglobin was 8.8 so has come down quite a bit in the last two weeks and well under the 10.0 cut off for transfusion so I am booked in for a transfusion of three units of blood on Tuesday 23rd December. This should mean I have plenty of get up and go for the festive period. I'll go to the day unit on Monday 22nd to have a blood test to cross match for my transfusion.

I told the doc about my very dry and itchy skin and he said that could be the first mild symptom of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) but there was nothing much to see/treat at the moment. If it gets worse or I develop a definite rash then I need to contact the hospital and they will probably give me some steroid cream to treat it. The doc said that a little bit of GVHD is not a bad thing and can mean you get the beneficial side effect of Graft Versus Lymphoma where the donor immune cells attack any last remaining lymphoma cells.

My next clinic appointment is on New Year's Eve.


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