T + 84 Have Yourself a Very Hairy Christmas

Yes over the last week or so my hair has started growing back. First it was my beard and now it is the hair on my head. It seems to be quite slow growing compared to what it used to do but it is early days and the coverage appears as good as it was before treatment.

As for the colour, well that is an odd mix of being much more very dark brown/black than it was and a lot more white hairs as well especially in my beard. ( I'm growing my habitual goatee, well technically a Van Dyke since the beard is connected to the moustache. For a look at many beard types and their names check out the excellent John Dyer's Blog.) I'd like to think that the white hairs are just from juvenile hair follicles that haven't attained a pigment yet but I suspect I am deluding myself. Still at least the ginger that used to be common in my beard when it grew for any length of time seems not to be returning so far.

The hair on my head is very soft and fine at the moment but then, to steal from Kenneth Williams, my hair has always had the texture of spun gold.

Now for a couple of housekeeping notes. I'm going to update the Story So Far link at the side of the blog so that it covers my transplant. This will enable new readers to get more easily up to speed.

I'm also going to do a post that will be a glossary of the medical terms I most commonly use and add this to the Useful Links section as well. This will save me having to create specific links to definitions each time I use them, I can just link to the glossary. I'll build up the glossary as I go along and update it as and when I use a new term I think needs further explanation.


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