T + 80 Up a Bit, Down a Bit, Fire

No not quite the Golden Shot but yesterday I had a message on my answering machine from the hospital asking me to reduce one of my doses of ciclosporin from 175mg to 150mg. This will be because the level of the drug in my blood is a bit higher than they would like. So that is one less tablet to take in the morning. I'm not sure what caused this little fluctuation but it is not the first time I have had a little tweak like this up or down a bit.

Since I wasn't hooked up to a couple of bags of blood yesterday I took the opportunity to visit my friend Andy for the afternoon and a very nice time it was indeed catching up all the latest from our respective spheres of influence and generally putting the world to rights. It was very nice to get out of the flat.

In the Nick of Time

Following on from my recent post about telling the time, by a remarkable piece of serendipity this week's Horizon programme was all about Time. Presented by Professor Brian Cox a CERN physicist and former keyboard player of the band D:REAM of Things Can Only Get Better fame ( no really, he was ), the programme tries to answer the simple question "What time is it?" it goes into the various ways of measuring time and tries to explain exactly what time is, or at least what physicists think it could be.

You can watch the episode via the BBC iPlayer here.


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