Monday Afternoon Rush

Not a rush hour at the day unit like last Monday morning but this time a rush for me to get the to day unit yesterday afternoon.

My routine was all thrown out by arranging to have my bloods and line done on a Monday afternoon rather than the morning. First there was the 06:00 alarm on a Monday morning, something I've not had for nearly 5 months then I got carried away in a problem and work and nearly forgot to go to the day unit.

As it was I was only 10 minutes past alloted time for 15:00 and still had to wait half an hour anyway.

This is the start of my last week in the office and it's amazing how quickly one can adjust to a routine. Being in the office now seems perfectly normal again and going to the hospital and having bloods drawn seems like the novelty ( to a point).

Tomorrow is my last day in the office before the stem cell transplant. Thursday is a day of tests at the hospital and Friday is a holiday for one last long weekend of "normal" life before returning to purdah in preparation for the transplant.


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