One in the eye for my plans?

Late last night my eye felt rather sore but I just put this down to a bit of irritation from moving the furniture to help Gareth decorate the lounge. However, though I slept ok, when I woke about 07:00 my eye was very sore and rather bloodshot. I took an anti-histamine to see if that would help but in the end Gareth persuaded me to go to A&E to get it checked out. If it wasn't for the fact that it was a Bank Holiday tomorrow and the earliest I could see my GP would be Tuesday I might have put up more of a fight but I realised it made sense to get it looked at as soon as possible.

We went to the Birmingham & Midland Eye centre at City Hospital which is where I went when I was being treated for my dry eye syndrome and associated Cogan's Dystrophy. The doctor examined my eye and said it was conjunctivitis probably caused by bacteria rather than an allergy. He gave me some anti-bacterial drops to take 4 times a day and said it should clear within 7 - 10 days.

It's a bit of a concern to have a bacterial infection that might not clear until 4 days before I am due to have my transplant. I'll discuss it with the doctors at the day unit on Tuesday when I go for bloods and a line flush. I hope it doesn't mean a delay to the transplant, that would be very disappointing and I still have this irrational fear of a freak hang gliding accident affecting my donor.

On top of this I noticed a few sneezes on Wednesday which have, over the last few days, developed into a minor cold. Again nothing major but I really want to shift it as soon as possible. At the moment it's making me rather nasal and has that itchy nose sort of effect. I'm hoping it's not the start of a full head cold but rather just something that will go away in the next couple of days.

Being so close to my transplant this is all a bit concerning, though in reality at worst it will mean a delay of a week or two. It's just hard to think like that when you have been psyching yourself up and my plans have been going so well to date. I suspect, as is often the case, the medics will be far less concerned about all this than I am.


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