T-9 and counting

Yes it's just nine full days until I go in for my transplant.

The week working from home has been good. I adjusted back pretty easily and thanks to the jabber instant messaging system we run at work I've been able to keep in the loop for banter and gossip.

I'm tying up a few loose ends and writing documentation for things at work so people will be able to find out about stuff whilst I am away.

My conjunctivitis is clearing nicely and the whites of my eyes are actually white again and no longer pink.

My cold however is being very annoying, it's cleared a little maybe since last Thursday when it started, but not much. It's not getting any worse either which is good but I just hope it is not fully "out" yet , to coin a phrase, and still has to get worse before it gets better.

I'm not running a temperature and it's mostly just a blocked nose. My throat does feel a bit sore and in the morning I can do a good Barry White impression but that is mostly from having to breath through my mouth as I sleep I think.

Still it has 9 days to go away so I shouldn't be fretting as much as I am. If anyone has any good cold remedies I'm desperate enough to try them though I draw the line at tying a dead frog to my head.


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