T + 69 Putting My Feet Up

The usual sort of quiet weekend apart from I couldn't go round to Mom and Dad's for Sunday lunch because Dad's cold is still with him.

One thing I have been doing is taking opportunities to put my feet up, not metaphorically but physically to help with the swollen ankles. It does seem to help to have my feet up either on the coffee table or on the sofa when I am at my most sedentary i.e. watching TV.

Correspondence on the Subject of Apostrophes

My cousin sent me the following piece of advice about the use of apostrophes from the 1894 edition of Enquire Within

So things have clearly changed a bit since then, not quite so lazy and vulgar now to use apostrophes. The Cobbett that it refers to is A Grammar of the English Language by William Cobbet and you can read the whole 1832 edition online

What is Enquire Within ? I imagine I hear you ask, well as you can see from the front cover below it was clearly the google of its day (click to embiggen)

You can get a bit more info on Enquire Within at this wikipedia article.


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