T + 48 Another Funny Turn

Well Saturday morning I was due another injection and as I sort of expected I had another funny turn. The sequence of events was the same: take usual pills, 30 mins later have GCSF injection, have breakfast, go to loo, have funny turn.

The same symptoms, the cold sweat, feeling feint, fast heart and feeling sick. Except this time I did actually throw up. The feelings passed after 10 minutes as before and then I just needed a nap for a couple of hours.

So it looks like the culprit is the GCSF injection in tandem with some of the drugs I'm taking or my new blood system. I was fine Sunday and today when I didn't have to have an injection. I've had all the injections I'm supposed to so far so hopefully my neutrophils will come back up and I won't need any more.

I'm off to the day unit for usual bloods today and I will mention my funny turns to them to see if they have heard of it before.

My energy levels are a bit lower than usual and this is probably due to my haemoglobin levels being low.


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