T + 51 More of the Same

I went to the transplant clinic yesterday and told the consultant about my funny turns which seem to be triggered by the GCSF. He said he had heard of someone on the ward recently who had had a reaction to GCSF but as it was not one of his patients he didn't know exactly what the reaction was. He said he would ask the pharmacist for the details. He said he did know they switched the patient to an alternative drug and that was tolerated better so that could be an option for me if the funny turns persist.

My neutrophil count was back up to 1.2 from the 0.8 it was last week so the GCSF had done it's job, however the doc felt to maintain that level I needed to continue with two GCSF injections this week as well. We agreed I'd try taking them at night rather than in the morning and see if that helps.

Aside from that my haemoglobin continues to drop slowly so I am booked in for another transfusion for Thursday the 13th November. It will be three units so I'll be on the day unit for most of the day.

Everything else , liver, kidneys, ciclosporin levels were all fine so I don't have to go to the day unit on Friday or Monday for bloods, just back to the transplant clinic next Wednesday.

I took my GCSF injection last night about 21:30 and I haven't had any reaction to it so far so let's hope this new time of taking it will stop the funny turns.


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